Pilates Classes and 1:1 Sessions

Pilates Timetable – See below for Class details and to book

Pilates (Lara)
Pilates (Tina)
Pilates (Lara)
12 noon – 1pm
Pilates (Lara)
Pilates – Vitality Mama (Tina)
Pilates (Lara)
Pilates (Lara)
Pilates (Lara)

Pilates with Lara

Monday pm; Wednesday am; Thursday pm

Lara is a fully certified APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) Pilates instructor and runs classes for all abilities, with exercises being adapted to suit the individual. She enjoys rehabilitative Pilates, and Pilates to support other sporting activities.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have decided initially to offer a flexible pay as you go service up until January 2021. This means that you can book on a weekly basis at the cost of £10 per class. From January we will review the scheduling based on demand and plan to offer block bookings over a number of weeks, which will help us to provide a more tailored course programme.

1:1 and Private Small group classes

1:1 Pilates sessions and private small group sessions are available to book at the studio. These classes last for 1 hour and allow for tailored Pilates classes dependant on the individual. The cost is £45 for the hour or £35 for 30 minutes, regardless of how many people in the session (1:1 or small group).

Pilates with Tina

Thursday am

Next Course (6 weeks): Thursday 13th January – 17th February

Tina has been practicing Pilates for more than 15 years, after completing Pilates Foundation accredited training. She loves to share her passion to help people fulfil their potential. Tina is fascinated by bodies – anatomy and biodynamics and how they impact on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. In her classes you’ll discover muscles you didn’t know you had. You’ll tone and define muscles you haven’t been able to see results with before, and release tense muscles providing more length and flexibility. Tina aims to make all her lessons enjoyable, challenging, informative and effective.

Thursday 9.30 – 10.30 am – Pilates – Strengthen weak and release tight muscles in this fun and supportive Pilates class. All levels welcome. Includes:

·      2 extra workout/stretch videos for you to do at home in between classes

·      a dedicated, private WhatsApp group, where you’ll be able to ask questions, encourage each other throughout and build up a great community spirit

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Thursday 10.30 – 11.30am – Vitality Mama postnatal recovery course – 6 week course where we’ll work from the inside out activating your core and pelvic floor to restore function and strength using breath, movement and resistance bands and other small equipment. Babies are welcome. On top of that you’ll get:

·       2 x weekly busy mummy homework videos

·      a dedicated, private WhatsApp group, where you’ll be able to ask questions, encourage each other throughout and build up a great community spirit.

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BOOK NOW: Call: 07985 427712 or email: tina@soopilates.com