Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness is a low impact, full body workout to lengthen and strengthen you top to toe! Barre is a hybrid of Pilates, Ballet and Aerobics and is suitable for all fitness levels. Barre improves your posture, mobility, strength and control. This class is Barre-less with some light equipment used on the mat, maximising your body strength. 

Barre Fitness will be running at our Melton studio on Wednesdays 7pm-8pm. To book Barre with Faye from Dilys Dance Studio please visit her website or contact her using the details below 



Telephone: 07881360191 

Faye is a trained Dancer and a Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher. She gained her teaching qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dance, and runs a dance school registered with the RAD. She has passion for fitness and loves making it accessible for everyone no matter their age, ability or level. Faye has a strong interest in music so the eclectic playlist is enjoyable no matter how challenging the exercise! She loves meeting new people, passing on her love for Barre Fitness and especially seeing the amazing results it gives her clients!